What’s on the Horizon: Telco Predictions for 5G and IoT

The Telecom industry is going through massive structural changes driven by 5G network deployments and a convergence among wireless, broadband and media services. On top of this, consumers are rapidly shifting to a contactless, digital-first sales and support model. Telecom Operators are making huge investments in the 5G network with an eye towards exploiting the benefits 5G provides through lower latency, faster speed and network slicing. Some Telecom Operators are experimenting with new fighter brands that appeal to digital natives. Meanwhile, leading Internet companies continue to raise the bar on customer expectations for personalized, convenient and friction-free digital products that scale to hundreds of millions of users supported by cloud-native platforms.

Telecom Operators can harness the power of these structural forces and turn them in their favor. They must further digitize the core customer journeys for B2C and B2B, as well as transform the underlying Business Support System (BSS) that enables these journeys, purchases and customer care.

For many Telecom Operators their current BSS stack consists of hundreds of different systems, applications, vendors and databases that have grown organically and through acquisitions over decades. The CIO and IT organizations do their best to manage the existing platform and respond to the needs of business stakeholders. However, the inherent lack of agility, high cost to operate and complexity can slowly erode an Operator’s competitiveness and ability to innovate.


Consumers today demand simple and fast signup / on-boarding, intuitive digital self-service, personalized offers, flexible terms, and subscription payment model. In the digital age, Telecom Operators must have up-to-the minute analytics to understand consumer behavior and react to rapidly changing consumer behavior and market conditions.

Enterprise / B2B

Enterprises, whether they are small businesses or large corporations, need communications solutions that accommodate a wide spectrum of business requirements. They are looking for multi-device, multi-site, and multi-service solutions for creating custom quotes and orders. Enterprises need a way to manage the devices and tariff plans for their global employees, while handling complex fulfillment scenarios. Enterprise IT managers expect convenient and power portal to manage their enterprise communications and track costs.

IoT & M2M 

IoT and M2M are important business lines for Telecom Operators driven by the specific needs of different industry verticals such as healthcare, smart cities, transportation, hospitality, finance, retail, manufacturing etc. These verticals need a solution that provides:

  • - Monetization across the IoT value chain – device provisioning, connectivity or service layers. 
  • - Subscription and usage-based pricing – ideal for IoT devices and solution providers with recurring revenue business models.
  • - Cloud billing function – to deploy new IoT services quickly and automate monetization processes.


Telecom Operators want to maximize the return on their network investment. One of the proven models is to lease network capacity to MVNOs. This requires a cloud-native digital BSS to handle charging, product catalog, subscription and order management. Telecom Operators can offer their MVNO partners: 

  • Convergent billing for data, voice and SMS with support for individual subscriber plans, as well as shared family and corporate plans. A 5G-ready converged charging system with a real-time engine for rating, balance management and charging for all services, payment methods and business segments.
  • Complete eSIM and pSIM provisioning and profile management capability.
  • Integrated standards-based RESTful API for rapid customization and integration with third party OSS/BSS systems and existing service provider web portals.

LotusFlare technology powers all of these use cases and more.

To address these challenges and help Telecom Operators succeed in the digital age LotusFlare built the Digital Network Operator® platform. Digital Network Operator (DNO™), pioneered by LotusFlare, is an award winning, full-stack BSS with digital DNA. DNO is built from the ground up to be cloud-native and provide agility, speed, performance and reliability - with best practices applied from leading Internet companies. It is architected to enable abstraction of 5G networks, unlock new pricing models and deliver a delightful customer experience. DNO supports multiple business models in both core and adjacent markets. It is highly scalable, a magnitude cheaper to operate, and supports eSIM, 5G, B2B and B2C use cases.

Telecom Operators can use DNO to:

1. Launch a new digital brand(s) or MVNO.
2. Replace an existing BSS or digital stack.
3. Augment an existing BSS and digital stack with selected DNO components.

DNO comes pre-integrated with supporting functions such as Tax, Accounting, Payments, Support, Logistics, and App/Web Analytics platforms.  DNO also supports non-wireless services (1st or 3rd party) such as broadband, TV and other digital services. This enables the possibility of double or triple play offerings powered by a single IT stack.

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