The Age of eSIM Is Upon Us

As a telecom operator, do you find it challenging to keep up with the speed of innovation in digital experiences provided by OTT players? 

The real opportunity in the digital age lies in improving the digital customer experience. Most customers, and Millenials in particular, prefer interacting with brands through a digital channel. A recent McKinsey report found that customers who used 100% digital channels for transactions and support had 33% higher customer satisfaction than customers using traditional channels like call centers or physical stores.

Embedded SIM or eSIM allows for customer device provisioning and a fully digital journey for the mobile subscriber.  eSIM is here today in the Google Pixel 4, the newest iPhones, and more OEMs including Samsung will be launching eSIM-capable devices in 2020.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the new use cases and experiences facilitated by eSIM:

OTT experience

Internet companies like Netflix, Uber, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon and other over-the-top (OTT) players are investing massively in mobile apps, user experience and content. Telecom operators need to build digital consumer experience with more compelling user journeys, simplicity and content. Could eSIM get them a few steps closer to becoming fully digital? The power of eSIM lies in its adaptability to be more flexible than traditional SIM cards. With eSIM, your subscriber can sign up via an app, choose the right plan, provision the device, connect a payment method, and start using services in minutes rather than days. Going into a retail store to buy a SIM card or waiting for it to be delivered in the mail will be a thing of the past. 

Onboarding / Customer journey 

Let’s imagine that you are traveling to Germany for a four-day conference. You could buy a local SIM card at the airport and replace the one you have in your smartphone with the new one. You can save some money on data roaming, but it is frustrating to replace SIM cards or not receive calls on your regular number. eSIM solves this issue – they are built into the device and could be connected to more than one mobile operator. In just a few clicks via an app you can activate the local phone plan that suits you best, be in charge of your data usage, and avoid huge roaming fees. What’s more, if you decide to visit your family that lives in Europe later that year, you can use the same eSIM profile and choose your local plan while visiting. Make sure your subscribers are able to experience market localization, seamless onboarding and enhanced customer journey that goes with eSIM.

Zero-cost customer acquisition channel

What if you could acquire customers at no cost through a channel they already like to use?  That is what an enhanced eSIM product experience delivers. Download a telco branded app, register, select a plan, attach a payment method, provision the smartphone over-the-air using eSIM and port-in an existing phone number. This is the future and it is here today. 

In 2020, eSIM is the next big opportunity for telecom operators to transform their business, evolve and create a new competitive differentiator.

At LotusFlare, we have done the heavy lifting with a leading OEM to create a friction free enhanced eSIM product that can be white-labeled by an operator.  Be the first in your market to launch an enhanced eSIM experience and acquire high ARPU customers.

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