Launching New Digital Telco Brands – The Choice is Yours

LotusFlare’s Stephen Krajewski talks about how CSPs can launch digital brands that offer more than just mobile services.

In my last blog I shared some of the things LotusFlare has observed in speaking with and working with leaders in CSPs in the process of helping them launch new digital telco brands, which, in LotusFlare’s view, is the approach of digital transformation for the 5G era. The new digital brand approach is really about creating a new business outside of the core that’s all digital from the start and relatively unencumbered by legacy.

With this trend, we at LotusFlare also noticed that there’s an assumption that new digital telcos are “mobile only" propositions. From our experience in helping to roll out new digital brands, there is very much a choice of mobile, fixed or both in combination.

Again, this comes from LotusFlare’s experience. First, in terms of direct experience, LotusFlare has helped to roll out new digital brands that are mobile only. In the latest customer story LotusFlare was chosen to deliver on Digi’s vision of creating a “Telco in an App” or “tapp”. So as to serve the Malaysian market, LotusFlare offered to deploy the LotusFlare DNO Stack as the business platform for the new digital brand. The DNO Stack is a commerce and monetization service that lets CSPs, if they choose to, bypass legacy systems and processes and rapidly go-to-market with new products and services.

In another case, a new digital telco was created to capture parts of the consumer fiber market. A North American CSP took the decision to take a small step to prove that going after the fiber consumer customers in a very limited geographic area would be the best approach to prove their vision and the revenue opportunity. Their vision was to enter the fiber market leading with better subscriber experiences powered by digital technologies. In essence, the new fiber brand would be an all digital proposition, clearly differentiating them from the incumbent brands in the market.

Finally, we are also seeing this choice of service play out in prospective customers. At this time, LotusFlare is competing to provide two CSPs and their new digital brands DNO Stack for broadband (including fiber) and mobile services.

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