How to Engage Your Customers with Personalized Offers

Telecom Operators spend large amounts of time and money releasing new offers and products, but customers are often unaware of them. Launching a new app, digital service or product is just step one. Making millions of customers aware of the product at the right time and then converting the customer is the real challenge. Simply put - if a Telecom Operator does not inform its customers about a relevant offer, then a customer most likely won’t purchase it.

Well designed digital channels (apps and websites) that implement the best practices of Internet companies help improve usage and conversion metrics.

Identify Which Offers Are Most Valuable

Identifying which offers unlock growth is one of the most important aspects of your app. Find out what makes your customers tick, and focus on making them aware of new products or offers that matter to them. If you don’t point them out, chances are they won’t go looking for them.

Your Customers Expect Relevant Offers

Success on mobile starts by understanding customer expectations and needs. It continues by communicating the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time over the right channel. Telecom Operators can get caught up in providing just a “utility” to their customers, and sometimes lack the top-notch customer experience we expect from leading Internet brands. When presenting offers to customers, you need to show them the value your product can bring. This makes a huge difference between gaining a highly valuable customer and a lost opportunity. Because each customer is unique, they’ll discover value from your app in different ways. Offers must be custom made based on your customers’ needs, and this is where end-to-end campaign management comes in.

Personalized Messaging Throughout the Customer Journey

Today customers expect digital brand experiences that are personalized to their needs. Industries such as financial services and travel have the highest engagement rate for their notification campaigns, since many of their notifications are inherently valuable to their customers. There is also an opportunity for Telecom Operators to use targeted messages to deepen their customer relationships.

How can you do this?

1. Create customer segments based on purchase behavior, usage history, demographic info, or customer type.  2. Design campaigns with targeted messages including text, images and videos. 3. Choose a delivery channel: SMS, push notification, in-app message or email that is preferred by the customer.
4. Set the start and end date for the campaign, as well as campaign type.
5. Select the amount of time the campaign is going to be live.
6. Launch a campaign and track results. 

LotusFlare Makes It Easy 

We have built the Contextual Engagement Platform (CEP) to help Telecom Operators design and deliver effective campaigns that drive retention, engagement, and monetization. CEP will help you connect the digital and physical world by designing notifications and targeting their delivery to specific segments of customers at a certain time.

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