eSIM Cloud – True Digital Customer Onboarding Has Arrived

In the digital age customers expect a friction-free digital experience from their Telecom Operator. Most customers prefer interacting with brands through digital channels and want a fast, easy way to connect their device to a Telecom Operator’s network.

Embedded SIM or eSIM allows for smartphone device provisioning and a fully digital journey for the customer. 

The GSMA predicts that by 2023, at least 20% of new global smartphone connections will occur via eSIM.

eSIM has generally been viewed with concern by Telecom Operators due to the increased risk of customer churn and disintermediation. But with the endorsement of large ecosystem players including Apple and Google eSIM penetration will only increase. Savvy Telecom Operators are starting to see the new business opportunities that eSIM technology reveals.

Disruption is here, and the time to act is now.

With eSIM it’s possible to acquire high ARPU customers, greatly improve the customer experience, and cut operating costs by reducing retail store visits and distribution costs for physical SIM cards.
GSMA standards are in place and an expected 225 million eSIM-enabled smartphones will ship in 2020 from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and others. Telecom Operators can seize the opportunity to become leading digital players and reduce their dependence on retail stores for new customer activations. 

Now There’s An App For That

To help Telecom Operators take advantage of eSIM, LotusFlare built the LotusFlare eSIM Cloud. Leapfrog the current status quo and offer new customers an easy and fast way to onboard and provision their smartphone on your network. If a customer needs to upgrade his device the app can take care of that too.

No QR code scans, no visit to a retail store, and no need to involve a call center agent. Working with leading OEMs, LotusFlare has done the heavy lifting to design, build, test, integrate and bring the world’s leading eSIM solution to market.

In addition to the app (iOS and Android) we provide the back-end components to orchestrate the customer journey and connect with the OEM, the telco BSS, number porting system, and the device. This ‘full-stack’ eSIM capability is available for white label.

LotusFlare eSIM Cloud is part of the larger Digital Network Operator® (DNO™ software platform, a full-stack and modular IT platform that lets Telecom Operators create 100% digital customer journeys and significantly reduce costs.

Ready to play offense with eSIM?