Build Effective Campaigns to Drive Retention and Revenue

Launching a new app or website is not difficult. But as a forward-thinking telecom operator, you know that getting engaged users that return to your digital channels is the real challenge. Did you know that there are over 7 million apps on the app stores, and only 1% of apps have more than a million downloads?

Building a successful mobile app is a process that starts by understanding customer behaviours, expectations, and needs. The key to long term success lies communicating the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time: it is all about making a connection with your customers.

This is why we have built the Contextual Engagement Platform (CEP), a cloud-based solution that helps telecom operators design and deliver effective campaigns that drive retention, engagement, and monetization.

CEP is an easy-to-use tool for telecom operators to deliver effective, contextual campaigns and build personalized offers. With LotusFlare’s Contextual Engagement Platform (CEP), you can now create app-based offers in minutes rather than weeks. Upsell a customer on a 5G data plan, a video streaming service or make it simple to top-up balances online.

With CEP we’ve made it easy to rapidly create customer segments, run effective campaigns and see results in real-time. Want to learn how we can help you increase customer engagement and revenue by having real-time campaign analytics? Contact us to get started!