4 Ways To Increase Your App Store Rating

In today’s digital age, app store ratings matter. Having a polished app store listing is a must for influencing visitors in their decision to download an app, register and use your service. There are seven million apps on the two major app stores. How can your brand stand out from the crowd?

Positive reviews don’t happen overnight and users are busy. Many will probably not rate your app on their own initiative. On the contrary, in most cases the only people who will leave a review are the ones who have a bad experience using your app! You want to avoid low ratings, since it affects search rankings and your brand image. A poor rating on the app store leads to visitors not installing your app or not converting to paying customers. On the other hand, a high rating results in better brand image and more visibility on the app store, which leads to more users downloading your app and converting to paying customers. In short, your app store listing on Apple and Google Play is your digital front door.

Our experience at leading Internet companies has shown us there are best practices to increase the rating of your app.

Build a Great App Users Love

Your product should have a clear value proposition that solves a real problem for users. For example, Zoom provides a simple solution for video calls, Google Maps gets you the fastest route from point A to point B, Facebook helps you communicate with your friends and family. What value does your product deliver? Be clear about the value proposition with users and make sure your product delivers.
An app should be stable and fast. Slow load times or frequent crashes lead to negative reviews and uninstalls. The UX / UI should be clean and easy to navigate. Your code base, SDKs, security and cloud hosting infrastructure should be modern and scale-up with your user base.

Identify The Users Who Are Most Engaged

Find your power users - the ones who use your product on a weekly or daily basis. Engage them to understand why, when and how they use your product. Are there new use cases you are not aware of? Have the power users rated the app and left a review on the app store? Are there new features your power users would find useful? Your most engaged users will tell you a lot about the value of your product - but you have to ask them!

Right Message At The Right Time For The Right User

Personalized messages via app notifications, SMS or email can drive up user engagement and loyalty. If you have a streaming video service, ask your new customers to select their favorite TV shows, teams and actors. Then when the Golden State Warriors are about to tip-off, automatically alert all the Warriors fans via a push notification with a deep link to the game.  

Mobile success starts by understanding your users’ expectations and needs. It continues by communicating the right offer, to the right user, at the right time over the right channel. By providing interactive channels that can be used easily and effectively by users to execute the required actions (e.g. open a specific section of the app / website, or purchase a specific product) - increased engagement and conversion is the result. 

Reward Users for Providing Feedback

Your user’s feedback is important, and you want to make them aware of that. Remind them how important it is for you to get their feedback, and recognize their involvement by providing more content, special offers and bundles to them. For example, offer your users a discount for a certain service to thank them for providing input on your feature roadmap. 

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