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The new network effect

The new network effect

As digitization deepens across industries, companies are continuously building huge volumes of client data. The challenge lies on mobilizing this information to:

Provide the personalized digital experience that customers expect

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Make informed decisions on product roadmaps to create new revenue opportunities and improve profitability

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To tackle this challenge, the LotusFlare Big Data Platform brings you dashboards, a contextual engagement platform, risk score modelling tools and risk prevention activities. We tackle all sides of the Big Data equation, from data integration and APIs to management and processing, all the way through to data visualization.

How you can use our
Big Data Platform
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Predict and built

Build and deliver personalized digital offers linked to usage or demographics. Set up a referral program to grow your user base and revenue in no time.

Understand the behavior of your customers

Create micro-segments based on transaction value and frequency plus recency of use. Improve the targeting and performance of your marketing campaigns.

Increase revenue and lifetime

Increase revenue and lifetime value through contextual, personalized upselling and cross-selling offers.

Model Risk

Leverage large volumes of existing customer data to assess loan repayment ability.


We built a churn prediction model based on machine learning for the largest bank in Indonesia, which has 30 million retail customers across 5,000 branches. In less than six months, we gathered over 24 million data points and are now able to predict customer attrition at an individual level with over 80% accuracy.

Combined with personalized marketing offers to drive retention, the LotusFlare Big Data Platform will help our client reduce customer attrition by 5% in the next quarters.

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