About LotusFlare

Building cloud and digitally-native software products to make communications affordable and available to every human on earth.

LotusFlare was founded in 2014 by former executives from Facebook.
Through Products Our mission Through Peoplen
Our vision is to make affordable mobile communications
available to every human on earth.

We are a passionate team of ex-Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Ericsson engineering and product leaders with proven experience in building large-scale software products and scaling infrastructure to millions of users.

Bringing Our Mission to Life
Through People

Our team consists of talented engineering and digital product leaders with proven experience in building software and scaling infrastructure from companies like Facebook, Twitter and Apple.

Through Products

An award-winning product portfolio designed to help clients leapfrog ahead of the status quo. A Converged Charging System, Unified Product Catalog, Reward/Referrals, eSIM Cloud built from the ground up. Our full-stack capabilities include: UX/UI design, mobile apps, web, server, database, middleware, APIs, cloud infrastructure and an OTT growth playbook.

Metro Pacific
Sam Gadodia
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Terry Guo
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Shao Xia
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Nick Thakkar
SVP, Ops and Delivery
Eric Morhenn
Chief Commercial Officer
Kunal Gulati
VP, Server Engineering
Martin Rehwald
VP, Infrastructure Engineering
Larry Witty
VP Sales, Americas
Michael Hancock
General Counsel
Board and Advisors
Chamath Palihapitiya
Roy Chestnutt
Board Advisor
Niek Jan Van Damme
Board Advisor
Awards and Recognition
LotusFlare wins the Outstanding Digital Component Provider Award 2020

LotusFlare gets special recognition as a leader in software-based Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) technologies – superseding physical SIMs – and putting service providers in position to differentiate in hotly competitive markets.

LotusFlare wins the Outstanding Digital Enablement Provider Award 2019

“Awarded to the next-generation OSS/BSS/analytics/digital commerce systems vendor that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, helps set the industry trends, makes investors proud and employees happy.” The Leading Lights Awards are awarded by LightReading, a leading telecommunications publication.

GSMA 100

The award was voted on by 40+ leading Telecom Operators and Investors, showcasing the world’s most promising companies building the next generation of connectivity and digital services.